Welcome to Winds of Change!

Welcome to Winds of Change Counseling and Consulting Services, Inc. Established in 1999, Winds of Change has gained respect for providing quality services for a broad range of mental health issues, and addressing the treatment needs for the people and agencies of east central Indiana and surrounding communities. Our strength lies in our understanding of the difficult issues and stressors that are unique to families within diverse communities and our ability to work with our clients and the important people in their lives.

The certified and licensed therapeutic staff at Winds of Change are highly qualified in a wide area of expertise. In addition, Winds of Change acts as a training facility for masters level family therapists and counselors.

Our services include

  • Out-patient clinical services
  • Intensive home-based Family Centered Therapy
  • Intensive home-based Family Centered Case Management
  • Program development
  • Business consulting

We understand that change is sometimes frightening and often overwhelming. Our goal is to help you feel as comfortable as possible as you begin to confront and overcome difficult personal and family issues. Contact us as soon as you are ready, and we will help you begin your journey to a greater sense of awareness, control, peace and comfort.